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New Call of Duty Alexa Skills Will Help You Get Better At The Game

So will a lot of practice, but what do we know?


Are you a total scrub? Ever wish you could just "git gud" at Call of Duty? Instead of honing your craft and practicing like everyone else, why not talk to Amazon's Alexa about your performance? Starting today, the Call of Duty Alexa Skill is available to help you become a better player. Somehow. At the very least, the skill can tell you in a soothing voice how well you're doing in comparison to your friends if she doesn't accidentally cancel your request in mid-sentence.

The skill will help Alexa offer improvements on your recent games, offering personalized recommendations based on your performance in the previous round to help you better prepare for the next game. You can ask Alexa which of your friends are online so you can pick the worst ones to go head to head with. Or you could check your buddy list, because that's a little faster.

The app is free, as well it should be, and can use AI and machine learning to create recommendations for players in terms of loadouts, play styles, perks, and more. The goal is for Alexa to essentially become your "personal Call of Duty coach," according to Activision, and to "get to the fun faster." Performing tasks with Alexa hasn't historically gotten things done for me faster, but I'm willing to give this a try.

You can use the skill during matches, in between matches, or outside of the game. You'll also get special "onboarding experience" from Alexa about Call of Duty: WWII in general, because cut scenes are hard and mission objectives don't just appear when you need to see what you're doing (they do).

Sarcasm aside, it's a pretty cool little skill that some may benefit from. The videos created to show it off, though? We could have done without those. Prepare to cringe. There is a female player involved for once, though, at least I can say that.

The skill is available now if you're interested in trying it out.

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