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IRS Extends 2018 Tax Filing Deadline by 24 Hours Due to eFile Outage

You have one extra day to file your 2017 tax returns. Don’t end up like Blade and have to flee the country.


Taxes - I pay them, you pay them, and Amazon doesn’t pay them (according to the President of the United States). They are an inescapable part of our lives and filing them can be a real headache. The headache can get worse if you are unable to file in time due to computer errors out of your control. Due to the occurrence of such issues, the IRS has granted an additional twenty-four hours beyond the original deadline. Taxpayers will not need to take any additional action to receive the extension to the new filing deadline of midnight on Wednesday, April 18.

The Internal Revenue Service blamed the problem on a hardware error and said that all systems were up and running properly as of late Tuesday afternoon. To show that they are hip to new technology and the plight of the modern man, the IRS posted info on the extension to their official Twitter account:

If you have managed to wait this long and have not filed your 2017 taxes, consider doing that as soon as possible. After the new filing deadline tomorrow at midnight, the IRS will send out a hit squad to take you out. You can find out all the details from

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