New Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls Mobile Game Introduces Real-Time Co-Op

The quest to vanquish Dracula begins once more. 


Castlevania is back, with a new action-focused entry in the long-running series. Instead of hitting consoles this time, however, or even Nintendo 3DS, it's coming to iOS devices in Japan with beta testing beginning this May. Android users, you may be out of luck this time around. It's called Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls, and it's Konami made the official announcement today, directing users to the game's official website.

Grimoire of Souls takes place in a world where it appears that Count Dracula has actually, finally been destroyed. Unfortunately, it also looks like he's miraculously being resurrected according to a letter sent to protagonist Genya Arikado (not a Belmont!). Arikado sets off on a journey to make sure the resurrection of Dracula doesn't actually come to fruition, because we all know that'd spell bad news for everyone. Along with his assistant Lucy, a female researcher and magician, Arikado is gunning to make sure Dracula doesn't make his big return.

There isn't a lot of info floating around out there just yet about what to expect from Grimoire of Souls, but we do know that it'll feature four-player co-op, including real-time co-op that allows players all over the world to fight against the dark forces together. There's also a 4v4 competitive mode to look forward to as the curtain raises on this new entry in the long-running Castlevania series.

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