New Octopath Traveler Trailer Introduces Noble and Rogue Paths

Which path will you end up taking when the gorgeous RPG releases?


Octopath Traveler is Square Enix's newest role-playing effort, and it looks absolutely amazing. Things are really ramping up for launch in July, and now Nintendo has released a brand new trailer detailing further aspects of the game, such as two new party members: H'aanit and Therion. Additionally, the video introduces field abilities and sub stories as well.

H'aanit is a hunter who sets off on a journey to find her missing master, with the Path Action "Instigate" that helps her out on her quest. It lets her control different kinds of beasts and push characters into fighting her. For instance, she can use it against a specific villager to keep them from blocking a path or clear out a town that has annoying characters causing problems for others.

Therion the Thief is looking to capture a specific jewel, and his Path Action is, unsurprisingly, "Steal." He can use it to steal from pretty much anyone, but you're given the percentages that you'll succeed before using the move to help you strategize. There are special quests you can embark on that this Path Action makes possible as well.

Additionally, the trailer gives us a look at sub-stories, which usually require you to use specific Path Actions to resolve. Some might have you battling against enemies, while others just need you to retrieve a certain item.

You can check it all out on July 13, 2018 when Octopath Traveler launches exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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