Ice-T Teases 'Exclusive' Gears of War Announcement Coming This Week

What could be coming next from the franchise?


Though Cliff Bleszinski left Epic Games and Gears of War for greener (?) pastures with Boss Key Productions, cranking out the failed LawBreakers and the hot mess that is Radical Heights, the franchise wheels are still churning. Granted, it's been all quiet on the western front for Gears of War since Gears of War 4 debuted back in 2016, so it's about time for a new project to rear its head, like a lambent wretch you're about to curb stomp. It looks like that could happen sooner than later, if a tweet from self-proclaimed hardcore gamer Ice-T is to be believed. 

On a tweet posted to his official Twitter account, @FINALLEVEL, Ice-T prefaced his announcement with "Gamer Stuff," going on to tout a Gears-themed announcement that's coming at some point this week. "Stay tuned," he says, with the mysterious ellipsis that everyone knows means that we should be frantically refreshing Twitter as the days wear on.

As far as what it might be, it's difficult to say. A new Gears of War game would be the most logical choice, or a port to an unexpected location (Switch would be a hilarious choice, though nigh impossible) or updates on the movie announced in 2016 would be a safe bet.

We'll be watching to see what comes of Ice-T's impending reveal.

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