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Players who want the right tool for the right job should check up on the complete weapons list and best guns in Far Cry 5.


What would a first-person shooter game be without a wide variety of different guns and weapons? Much more peaceful, probably, but the path of peace is but one of countless other choices available to Far Cry 5 players with a knack for firepower. Of course, not all of the weapons in Ubisoft's latest open world are up to the same standards, so we've got the skinny on which guns and weapons should be considered best as well as a comprehensive list of all the rest.

The Best Guns in Far Cry 5

What exactly constitutes the best gun in Far Cry 5? Such answers are not exactly straightforward. Fortunately, the quivering hivemind of reddit was able to pool its resources to come up with a Far Cry 5 weapons spreadsheet that details some of the top choices when it comes to factors like accuracy, damage, rate of fire, range, and handling. It's not hard to make money in Far Cry 5, so these choices represent some of the obvious standouts with regard to damage, range, and accuracy.

Most of the sidearms in Far Cry 5 have fairly low damage and accuracy ratings, but combined with overall handling, the .44 Magnum L is the pistol of choice. There's a slight tradeoff for overall rate-of-fire, however, so many users may prefer to stick with the standard 1911 for similar accuracy and near-similar damage with an increased rate-of-fire.

All of the shotguns in Far Cry 5 offer identical damage ratings, making accuracy and rate of fire the primary concerns. Toward that front, the SBS wins the contest by combining the highest accuracy with the longest range.

As with shotguns, submachine guns all offer the same base damage rating and range. Determining a winner involves looking at the highest rate of fire and accuracy statistics, which paint the Vector .45 ACP as the clear winner.

There are a lot of different rifle choices in Far Cry 5, and among all the different choices available are several options with somewhat-varied stats. Purely from a numbers standpoint, the 45/70 seems the preferred option for its best-in-class accuracy and damage. Expanding the list to include sniper rifles, the MBP .50 offers unparallel accuracy and the highest single-hit damage stat for any firearm in the game.

Finally, there are but two different machine guns in the game, both of which offer near-identical stats. Both the M60 and M249 offer similar accuracy, but M60's higher damage rating basically cancels out the M249's advantage in rate of fire.

Complete Far Cry 5 Weapons List

Series fans have come to expect a wide arrangement of artillery when it comes to Far Cry games, and Far Cry 5 does not disappoint. The game features loads of different firearms spread across all the usual styles as well as a number of high-explosive special weapons. Check out the complete list of guns and other weapons featured in Far Cry 5 below.


• Baseball Bat (Aluminum, Spiked)
• Socket Pipe
• Bolted Pipe
• Shovel
• Brass Knuckles


• Compound Bow


• 1911 (Smith & Wesson SW1911)
• .44 Magnum (Smith & Wesson Model 29/629)
• P226 (SIG-Sauer P226R)
• SMG-11 (Ingram MAC-10)
• Skorpion (CZ Skorpion Vz.61)
• M-79
• A-99 (intratec TEC-9)


• M133 (Baikal MP-133)
• SBS (traditional double-barrel shotgun)
• D2 (sawed-off double barrel)
• SPAS-12 (Franchi SPAS-12)

Submachine Guns:

• MP5 (Heckler & Koch MP5A3)
• MP5K (Heckler & Koch MP5K)
• MP5SD (Heckler & Koch MP5SD3)
• MP40 (MP40)
• Vector .45 ACP (TDI Vector)


• AR-C
• 45/70 (Marlin Model 1983)
• AK-47
• AK-M (AKM)
• MS16 (M14)
• MS16 Trooper (Springfield Armory SOCOM 16)

Sniper Rifles

• MBP .50 (Desert Tactical Hard Target Interdiction)
• 308 Carbine (CZ 527)
• SA50 (gepard GM6 Lynx)

Machine Guns:

• M60 (M60E4)
• M249 (M249 SAW)

Special Weapons:

• C4
• Dynamite
• Grenade (M26)
• Flamethrower
• M-79 Grenade Launcher
• RAT4 Rocket Launcher (Carl Guztav M4)
• RPG-7
• Smoke Grenade (M18)

With a deeper understanding of the game's armory now tucked away, be sure to head over to our extensive Far Cry 5 walkthrough and guide hub to learn even more about the latest open-world adventure from the team at Ubisoft.

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