Google Home Teams Up with Netflix for Interactive Lost in Space-Themed Game

Danger, Will Robinson! A game has appeared!


The classic kitschy space series Lost in Space is back, though it's a lot different than you may remember from childhood. Netflix's original series is a far cry from the fun the Robinsons used to have with their robot, but it's also aimed at a different audience -- a more technically-inclined one, if I'm reading into things correctly. That's why Google Home has announced a tie-in game that goes along with the new series that works with Google Assistant. Starting today, if you have a Google Home, Google Home Mini, or Google Home Max, you can "play along" with Lost in Space as it happens with the special app.

Powered by Google Assistant, the experience is touted as family-friendly, allowing players to "speak" with the Robinson family as seen on the new show. You need to say "Hey Google, play the Lost in Space game" to get it going, and when you do, you'll be transpored into orbit with the Robinsons for a series of minigames that only last 5-6 minutes apiece.

If you've only been checking out the new Netflix series and have no idea about what the classic show is about, that's no problem. You don't have to know anything about Lost in Space at all or how Dr. Smith is one suave so-and-so to appreciate the game. All the minigames tie into the plot somehow, such as helping mother Maureen with melting ice around the spaceship, helping older sister Judy search for fuel, or decode scrambled messages in the ship for Mr. Robinson.

It's an interesting tie-in if you own a Google Home device, but what about Lost in Space fans who have chosen Alexa to represent all their home tech needs? Hopefully that's coming down the pipeline soon. 

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