The Cartridge Family 032 - My Nordic Daddy, Billy Mitchell's Fall From Grace, Xbox Back-Compat

I wish my dad was big and strong like Mr. War.


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This is a safe space. You can speak your mind here. It’s okay to admit to yourself and everyone around you that you wish your dad was an enormous, violent brute covered in what I assume is permanent red war paint. No one is going to judge you for it.

Today’s show is a doozy and that’s because we’re so eager to make up for last week’s absence. Of course, we discuss God of War’s critical acclaim before diving into the (now official) removal of Billy Mitchell from the Donkey Kong record books. After that, its a trip down very recent memory lane as we look at 2018 so far. Buffa wraps up the show with his infamous beatdown before we sign off and bid you farewell. Thanks for listening as always!

On Today’s Show
- Joe Stasio
- Chris Buffa
- John Benyamine
- Andrew Zucosky

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