Where It All Began Mission Walkthrough - Far Cry 5

Players reaching the Where It All Began mission in Far Cry 5 are just a stone's throw away from one of two possible endings.


There's a long and often daunting road ahead of players making their way through the Far Cry 5 main campaign, but those who eventually stumble their way into the quest titled Where It All Began can rest easy knowing that the end is in sight. This mission presents players with a very clear choice, and depending on the decision made, gamers will watch as one of two different endings play out. Those who have already made their choice can check out our guide to the good and bad endings in Far Cry 5 to learn some plot-specific details; for everyone else, we've got a completely spoiler-free walkthrough featured below.

Far Cry 5 Where It All Began Mission Walkthrough

Before going any further, we'd advise players to make a copy of their current game save. The upcoming quest decision affects the given Far Cry 5 ending, and once the final events have unfolded, there's no chance to go back and play through the mission again without having a save file backup. Such things might not matter to some players, but completionists will certainly feel a pang of regret upon learning they can't double back to before the finale.

Before the final mission is unlocked, players must have handled business with regard to all three Seed siblings — John, Jacob, and Faith. With that out of the way, the final mission will unlock, and the mission title itself will literally point players toward the location Where It All Began, the church from the very beginning of the game. Upon drawing near, players will encounter Joseph Seed, and will be given a prompt to either walk away and wash their hands of the man, or to try to arrest him.

Choosing to arrest the Father will result in a skirmish. Taking on the ironic role of savior, the player will have to run around the battlefield reviving their allies, the likes of which have fallen victim to the Bliss. The hero will need to knock out and revive all 12 of their allies before making a final stand against Joseph. With the help of teammates, he'll go down relatively easily. After a cutscene ensues, the player will have to drive away from the compound, the likes of which will trigger the game's formal ending.

If the player chooses to simply walk away from Joseph Seed, there will be no need for a fight. The Father will make a gesture of goodwill to the player before the game's final moments unfold.

Both of these choices represent the "good" and "bad" endings in Far Cry 5 respectively, though players can also seek out the game's "secret" ending if they so choose. For more information about Ubisoft's popular open-world experience, be sure to check out some of the handy lists and collectible breakdowns featured over on Shacknews' Far Cry 5 walkthrough and guide.

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