Clinical Study Mission Walkthrough - Far Cry 5

The Far Cry 5 campaign mission Clinical Study sees players testing out bait for Dr. Lindsay and tracking down a number of animal skins.


Following the events of the initial Far Cry 5 Doctors Orders mission, players will come upon the second campaign quest titled Clinical Study. This mission involves speaking with Doctor Charles Lindsay about some bait he's been working on that will repeatedly attract Angels, sending players out into Hope County to fight off the wilderness and eventually track down both skunk and grizzly bear skins.

Far Cry 5 Clinical Study Quest Walkthrough

After the Doctors Orders mission has been completed, head over to the Hope County jail and speak with Dr. Charles Lindsay. After the conversation has concluded, the player will be given a set of Test Bait and instructed to go to the nearby Pepper Residence and eliminate the cultists without attacking or alerting Angels, enemies feeling the effects of Bliss.

Grab a stalwart ally — the mountain lion known as Peaches, acquired through the Here Kitty, Kitty quest, is a good choice — then make way through the compound, eliminating foes in the quietest manner possible, using stealth and silenced weapons if available.

Once the enemy forces have been eradicated, head to the quest marker and place the bait on the table as indicated, all while still avoiding any nearby Angels. Once placed, climb the ladder to reach the roof of the nearby structure and watch as a fight breaks out between the Angels, cultists, and a band of aggressive skunks. Players can take part in the skirmish if they so choose, but it's easier to sit back and watch the events unfold naturally.

Once the foes have been taken care of — and all remaining stragglers have been dispatched — the quest will update, indicating that the player must now track down some animal skins. Skunk skins will be easier to find following the previous battle, and players only need to scoop up two of them before moving on. After that, they'll have to find three grizzly bear skins, a much more daunting task.

Players can hunt down grizzlies any location they choose — the game will point them to a nearby hunting ground — but to stand the best chance of finding them, hunters will want to head to the Whitetail Mountains in Holland County, in the area a short ways north of Jefferson Lookout Tower. Taking the canine companion Boomer along for the trip is advised, and players who like make a proper show of force can use The Furious to strike down bears in a single hit and gain an additional grizzly bear skin for each kill.

With all of the skins in tow, head back to Hope County Jail and speak with Dr. Lindsay to complete the question. As a reward, players will be given the Improved Bait upgrade and a tidy sum of 600 resistance points.

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