Dual Universe Outpost Trailer Shows Off The Versatility of Proprietary Voxel Engine

A contest held by Novaquark resulted in some exceptional creations for the sci-fi sandbox game.


Dual Universe is a single-shard (single-server) sci-fi sandbox that development team Novaquark is shaping up to be heavily influenced by a dedicated community. The game’s proprietary voxel system hands a lot of creative freedom to players and the new trailer aims to satisfy user curiosity by showing off a number of community created outposts.

Spaceships, orbital stations, and much more can be created with Dual Universe’s unique voxel system. The system looks intuitive and offers a smooth and curvy alternative to other games, like Minecraft for example, that use voxels for creation. The variety seen in the trailer below shows just how valuable that versatility is.

This breakdown of the game and its creative element comes from the press release revealing the new trailer:

“This power to create is only heightened when combined with Novaquark’s innovative CSSC technology (continuous single-shard cluster), which allows the game’s entire player base to exist in one single persistent universe, seamlessly weaved together with no loading screens to create an ever-evolving sci-fi metaverse,” the team states. “Developed alongside the vision of Novaquark founder, scientist, and Artificial Intelligence expert Jean-Christophe Baillie, Dual Universe is an ambitious civilization-building MMO that seeks to push the boundaries of community involvement, allowing its players to quite literally shape the universe others will join from the ground up, all thanks to the power of voxels and human creativity.”

In the pre-alpha playtests, which some players gained access to via the recently released Supporter Packs, players built 5,155 constructs. The trailer includes footage of mountainside structures all the way to outposts in orbit around the planet. Their designs wildly vary and, considering the ability to script different roles for player creations, will likely function in very different ways.

The scope of Dual Universe is massive and the recent hire of an EVE Online alum will hopefully keep the ambitions of the development team reigned in so that it doesn’t suffer like similar sandbox titles. If you want to jump into the experience early, check out the game’s pledge page.

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