Celebrate Kanto's Pokedex With The Newest Pokemon Go Event

You gotta catch 'em all, so take part in this new Pokemon Go event that'll be awash in original Kanto Pokemon. 


Pokemon Go is kicking off an event today in celebration of the Kanto region, or the very first land you explored in Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow. For the next week, Pokemon Go will be swarming with more of the original 151 first-generation Pokemon, so if you're still missing some from your Pokedex, this is your chance to work to complete it. You've got until April 17 to rack them up, which should help you on your quest to amass an entire collection of original Pocket Monsters.

You'll see a lot more of Pokemon Red and Blue starters Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle for example, while Aerodactyl and Snorlax will be available for raids and battles. If you do grab a bunch of these familiar monsters swarming around, you'll also be treated to double candy for catching and transferring them as well. Additionally, you can take to in-game shops to purchase special boxes of items with raid passes as well.

Pokemon Go was also recently updated with a new quest system that puts players on the path to finally capturing a Mew, which requires you to have a Gold Kanto Badge in your inventory. This requires you to register 100 Kanto Pokemon in your Pokedex, so the event that's going on now should go a long way toward making this dream a reality. Looking to complete your Kanto Pokedex, since all 151 Pokemon are available now? Get out there and get to work, trainers! 

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