PAX East 2018: Decay of Logos Interview and Gameplay Demonstration

The Shacknews crew gets an up-close look at Amplify Creation's stylish open-world RPG.


Game fans with a natural penchant toward Tolkien-inspired high fantasy worlds will certainly be interested to learn more about Decay of Logos, the latest RPG effort from the team at Amplify Creations on display at this year's PAX East 2018 exhibition. Crafted to be both challenging and minimalist, Decay of Logos is a game centered around exploration and tight resource management. Shacknews got the chance to catch up with Ricard Teixeira, sales and customer relations representative for Amplify Creations, to discuss some of the design inspirations behind Decay of Logos and get an in-depth look at the game's expansive world.

During the extended demonstration, Teixeira showed off some of the more specific features in Decay of Logos. The game features all the hottest and most sought-after fantasy elements, including magic, weapons, and mystical elk mounts. Many of the game's spells and abilities were on display, as was the overall sense of challenge, the likes of which seemed to take even Teixeira himself by surprise on occasion.

Players interested in learning more about the game can check out the game's development blog featured over on the official Decay of Logos website, where the team has so far crafted 100 different posts detailing day-to-day work on the title as well as provided some behind-the-scenes looks at new features and more. News and other information can also be garnered through the Decay of Logos Twitter account.

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