PAX East 2018: Dauntless Gameplay And Interview: More Than a Monster Hunter Clone

For once in his life Greg actually likes something!


Our video editor Greg Burke seems to hate everything. Whether it's an awesome new game or a great new movie, grumpy old Greg will find a reason not to like it. However, once every millennium a game comes along that our buddy Burkleton actually enjoys. At PAX East 2018 he got a chance to check out Dauntless and it would appear a love connection was made. 

In Dauntless players will be able to join up with four-player squads to hunt and kill giant monsters in real-time combat. While on its surface it sounds like Monster Hunter, there's enough in Dauntless to set it apart from its more obvious influences. Greg sat down with our Shacknews intern Donovan Erskine for a hands-on demo and conversation with Dauntless' head of community Ian Tornay to discuss some of the finer nuances of the game. The gang also chats about the lack of loot boxes in the upcoming free-to-play titles and some of the new areas players will get to experience in the game world soon enough. Check out the interview below for an in-depth look at what players can expect if they decide to check out Dauntless.

Dauntless is currently in closed beta but should be getting an open beta later this year before its full release on PC. 

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