How to Complete the Well Done Challenge in Far Cry 5

Everything you need to know about Far Cry 5’s first live event, the Well Done Challenge.


Things are heating up in Hope County as Far Cry 5 brings to the table its first live event. This time-sensitive event is only available until April 10, so anyone who wants to take on the Well Done Challenge will need to get crackin’ right away!

How to Complete the Well Done Challenge

The first live event of Far Cry 5 comes in the form of a challenge from Hurk, who thinks that the only way to flash-cook an animal is to use Molotov cocktails or a flamethrower. The Well Done Challenge, if you choose to accept it, tasks you with proving Hurk wrong by lighting-up the wildlife without using a flamethrower or Molotov cocktails.

To accept live event, navigate to the tab for Online Play and select the Live Events option. This will display all necessary information about the currently-active live event. Accept the quest using the given option and then get ready to roast some animals.

Successfully completing the challenge will reward you with a flamethrower, and if enough members of the community complete it, you’ll receive an additional reward.

Completing the Well Done Challenge without using flamethrowers or Molotov cocktails is pretty easy if you’ve got the necessary tools of destruction. Your first stop should be to use incendiary rounds wherever possible, either arrows or a shotgun with incendiary shells. Make sure you know how to get the Compound Bow if you haven’t already, as this will make it incredibly easy to finish. If you don’t have access to these, you could try a slower method of using a blowtorch – low and slow barbecue anyone? Finally, and it might be a bit overkill, but you could use cluster bombs to rain fire down on the unsuspecting wildlife of Hope County.

  • Incendiary arrows
  • Incendiary shotgun shells
  • Blowtorch
  • Cluster bombs

Check the Live Events screen to make sure you’re on-track for completing the Well Done Challenge and see whether the community is pulling their weight, too. Shacknews is here to help you with every aspect of life in Hope County, so make sure to swing by our Far Cry 5 guide for complete coverage on things like all the collectibles in the game.

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