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PAX East 2018: Can't Drive This Gameplay Interview: Drive to Survive

Shacknews got together with Pixel Maniacs for an extended interview and gameplay demonstration for upcoming racing/puzzler hybrid Can't Drive This.


Game development and design often comes down to a blend of both inspiration and perspiration. In the case of Can't Drive This, the upcoming racing/puzzler hybrid from the team at Pixel Maniacs, it seems like thinking outside the box actually coincided with diving into the bottle. Frankly, that isn't so surprising, as Can't Drive This presents an intoxicating blend of free-form racing and real-time track creation that tasks drivers with maintaining a minimum speed in order to survive. Shacknews got the chance to speak with Steve Crause, creative director for Can't Drive this, at PAX East 2018 to discuss some of the game's more interesting mechanics and to give the Shack crew an extended look at the title's cooperative gameplay.

The latest Pixel Maniacs release is a title that spawned from Game Jam back in 2016. Shacknews was able to get some hands-on impressions with Can't Drive This last month at GDC 2018, and it must be said that the game looks just as fun now as it did back then. Put simply, Can't Drive This tasks one player with creating a racetrack filled with various obstacles while the other player must race through the track without losing too much momentum. If the driver's hits a certain minimum limit, the vehicle will explode, and the game will end.

It's pretty safe to say that there's not anything else quite like Can't Drive This on the current video game market. Despite its unusual blend of mechanics, however, the game is remarkably straightforward to play, blending its casual arcade-style racing and need for strategic real-time placement of track components into something approachable enough for gamers of all ages.

Players who want to check out the puzzle/racer action can do so right now via Steam, as the game has been in Early Access for some time. Players can also find more information about Can't Drive This and other studio productions over on the official Pixel Maniacs website as well as the Pixel Maniacs Twitter account. Beyond that, game fans can expect to see Can't Drive This launch for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch sometime later this year.

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