PAX East 2018: Party Hard 2 Gameplay Interview: The Fatal Art of Party Crashing

Neighbor annihilation returns in Party Hard 2, and Shacknews gets the lowdown straight from Pinoki Games.


If there's one almost universal truth about video games, it's that the hero must always triumph against evil. However, some game developers clearly have varying ideas of what exactly constitutes evil. Party Hard is a prime example, as it's a game that tasks players with taking out their neighbors solely for their tendency to party with shameless fervor. The series' violent streak isn't set to end any time soon, either, as the development team at Pinoki Games is hard at work on a sequel suitably stuffed with wanton aggression against unaware partygoers.

Shacknews' own Greg Burke had a chance to meet up with Alex Nichiporchik, CEO of tinyBuild, and Alexander Ponomaryov, developer for Pinoki Games, on the PAX East 2018 showroom floor to talk about some of the most noteworthy changes players can expect to see within Party Hard 2.

As can be seen in the clip, Party Hard 2 represents more than just an elaboration of the original Party Hard formula; according to the developer, the sequel not only offers a new setting and new visuals, but also a brand-new game engine. Thankfully, the action looks about as stylish and visceral as ever, with the protagonist using stealth to avoid police intervention and taking advantage of the new Party Vision mechanic that highlights useful items in the hero's vicinity.

Party Hard 2 is still currently under development, but the team has their fingers crossed in the hopes of getting it into the hands of gamers sometime this year. Players can keep on top of the game's progress by head over to the Party Hard 2 Steam page or by scoping out the official Twitter account for tinyBuild Games.

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