PAX East 2018: Light Fall Developer Interview and Gameplay Demonstration

Speed and maneuverability blend seamlessly together in Light Fall, the upcoming platformer from the crew at Bishop Games.


Nothing satisfies gamers with a taste for old-school action like a solid platforming title, and developer Bishop Games looks to be cooking up just such a treat with Light Fall, a gorgeous and fast-paced platformer that brings both style and substance. Shacknews got the chance to chat with Ben Archer, co-founder of Bishop Games, at PAX East 2018 to discuss the game's overall development direction, speedrunning aspirations, and the notion of players creating and controlling their own platforms within a platforming game.

Aside from its slick visuals, the first thing players might note about Light Fall is the ability for the protagonist to control the Shadow Core in order to create cubical platforms for environment traversal. Combined with the game's faster-than-expected movement speed, being able to create and manipulate platforms allows for both fast-paced action sequences as well as precision puzzle elements.

Players will also note that Light Fall seems to have almost no traditional UI elements — according to Archer, all information players need with regard to in-game status and mechanics come from simple visual cues, like the flashing of lights and patterns on created platforms.

Bishop Games is aiming to release Light Fall for Nintendo Switch and PC sometime soon. Players who want to learn more about the title can check out the official Light Fall website, the Light Fall page on Steam, or by following Bishop Games on Twitter.

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