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PAX East 2018: Black Future '88 Gameplay and Interview

Take a trip back in time to the synth-punk future-present, then blow it up!


1988 was a very important year. It gave us Die Hard, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and an endless stream of U2 videos on MTV. As you’ll also remember, this was the year when the bombs started dropping, with their explosions blocking out the sun and turning the world into a dark hellscape. Black Future ‘88 puts you in control of one of the survivors who must ascend the evil tower (and die a few thousand times) in an effort to stop the endless nuclear rain. Shacknews got a chance to sit down with Don Bellenger of SUPERSCARYSNAKES, the team behind Black Future ‘88.

Bellenger gives an overview of how the game works and gives some insight into the world of Black Future ‘88. The interview also includes new gameplay footage of the rougelike 2D shooter. Bellenger mentions many of the 80’s influences of the game and how those influences shaped the design of the world and enemies. Additionally, this game has Robocop 2-esque drug addicted robots. Cool.

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