What is the Bookworm Error Server Status Issue in Far Cry 5?

A number of Far Cry 5 players have found themselves unable to join game servers due to a strange series of Bookworm errors.


The launch of any modern game is ripe with potential for things to go wrong, and for big open-world games like Far Cry 5, errors and server status issues are more often than not the rule as opposed to the exception. The latest problems being faced by Far Cry 5 players are the game's various Bookworm related errors. As far as can be told, these issues pop up as a result of network problems, be it on the player side or the game server side. Regardless of how a Bookworm error appears, whether from game servers being down or local network issues, there are a few solutions that players may want to explore.

What is the Bookworm Error in Far Cry 5?

There have been several Far Cry 5 players stumbling upon the Bookworm error recently, and many of the errors come alongside their own specific hex-based identification codes. So far, we've seen Bookworm errors with codes like A9D61248, 9770CCC2, and 9B0718C4, among many others. Even though each of these specific codes are different, according to Ubisoft support, all of the Bookworm errors are tied into connection errors.

The Ubisoft support website has specific instructions for players experiencing connectivity issues in Far Cry 5. By and large, the general advice is for players to comb through their own network settings to discover any potential problems. Resetting network hardware (like routers or modems) seems a popular solution, as does enabling Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) through the router settings page. Players are also advised to look over their their open forward ports as well as check for any potential network restrictions, such as those imposed by a firewall or Windows security services.

It's also worth checking to make sure that Far Cry 5 has been updated to the latest version; barring that, the age-old advice of simply restarting the PC or console in question may be able to alleviate the issue.

How To Check Far Cry 5 Server Status

There's a chance, albeit a very slim one, that players may encounter Bookworm-related errors due to problems on Ubisoft's own Far Cry 5 game servers. For now, there's no way for players to directly check the current status of Far Cry 5 game servers. With that said, players who suspect that their system and network are without fault can check on the current status of the Far Cry 5 servers by heading over to the Ubisoft Support account on Twitter. Alternatively, players can also make a stop by the Down Detector page for Far Cry 5 to see if other users are reporting issues; in the case of significant spikes to the report graph, players will know that they aren't alone in experiencing errors.

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