PAX East 2018: Aftercharge Gameplay and Interview

Neon and FPS mechanics go hand in hand, as evidenced by this game. 


Do you like neon? Do you like first-person shooters? Chainsawesome Games has a game for you, in the form of the team-based online FPS Aftercharge. Players are assigned to two teams of three, where invisible robots are thrown against an invincible security squad where one player attacks either the defending or attacking side. It's an intriguing game with an even cooler look that brings to mind the cool neons of Tron or Blade Runner. 

Asif Khan sat down with the company's Communications Officer Laurent Mercure at PAX East 2018 to have a chat about Chainsawesome Games's upcoming title, and we got a decent eyeful of what to expect from the upcoming asymmetrical 3v3 FPS.

Players will need to either protect or destroy six extractors located at various points strewn across each map. Invincible Enforcers can set traps and utilize tools to find the advancing robots, whereas robots simply rely on their own stealthy abilities to get by. It's an intriguing concept to be sure, and one that the general gaming populace might not be ready for. But that's alright -- we need originality like this to infiltrate the industry in droves, after all. 

Check out the full interview above and let us know what you think of Aftercharge, which is set for an Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and Switch release this summer. 

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