PAX East 2018: Heroes of the Storm Tells Tales with Deckard Cain

Diablo's lore master will stay awhile, but he'll do more than listen.


Fresh off celebrating StarCraft's 20th anniversary with Fenix, Heroes of the Storm is wasting no time in introducing the game's next character. It's Diablo's Deckard Cain, the Last Horadrim and the character recognized for the phrase, "Stay awhile and listen."

The scholar Cain has cemented his place in Blizzard lore as one of the publisher's most familiar scholars. He's often been the one helping guide the heroes of Sanctuary, but Heroes of the Storm will see him take up arms personally. His trait is Fortitude of the Faithful, which grants him 10 Armor and recharges his Basic Abilities 50 percent faster whenever he's around an allied Hero.

Here are Deckard Cain's other abilities:

  • Healing Potion (Q): Cain throws a potion on the ground, which heals any friendly Hero for 230. He can lay down five of these potions at a time, with a short cooldown period.
  • Horadic Cube (W): The Cube will damage all enemies for 80, while slowing them down by 40 percent for 1.75 seconds.
  • Scroll of Sealing (E): An enchanted scroll forms a deadly triangle that deals 150 damage to any enemies inside. It'll also Root them for 1.5 seconds, allowing allies to deal any follow-up damage.
  • (R1) Stay Awhile and Listen: Cain will tell one of his many heroic tales to all enemy heroes in front of him and proceed to put them all to Sleep. Enemies can only be put to Sleep once per cast and the effects wear off the moment they take damage, so use this ability wisely.
  • (R2) Lorenado: Cain creates a swirling vortex out of his tomes, knocking back any enemies that come in contact with it.

Those more curious about the Heroes of the Storm lore will also be happy to hear that a supplemental comic called "Rise of the Raven Lord" is set to debut later this month. Look for Deckard Cain to hit the Heroes of the Storm PTR soon. Also, remember that Shacknews is at PAX East and we'll be chatting with the Heroes of the Storm team today at 5PM on Twitch.

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