Far Cry 5 Live Event Times, Dates, and Well Done Rewards

Learn details regarding Far Cry 5 live events, including dates and times, how to participate, and current Well Done event rewards.


Ubisoft's open-world adventure Far Cry 5 has been garnering a lot of attention over the past week, and to keep the fun alive, the development team is currently hosting a selection of various Far Cry 5 live events including the current Well Done challenge. More than just a reason to tune in to different live streams, these Far Cry 5 live events are a chance for members of the gaming community to work together in order to earn rare rewards. Read on to learn everything we know about the latest promotion Far Cry 5 live events, including start and end times and a peek at activities and rewards.

Start and End Time and Dates for Far Cry 5 Live Events

The first thing players will want to learn about the Far Cry 5 live events are their start and end times. Anyone reading this story will likely be pleased to learn that the live events have already begun, having kicked off today, April 3, at 1 p.m. EDT, and set to run all the way through April 10.

It's also worth noting that the Far Cry 5 live events are open to any and all players, not just ones who happen to have picked up the Far Cry 5 season pass. Participation is the name of the game here, so long as long as a player takes part in the action, they stand the chance of earning a reward. All players need to do to jump in on the new event is to launch Far Cry 5 and head to the Live Events menu, then sign up to participate.

Far Cry 5 Well Done Live Event Activities and Rewards

Ubisoft has provided details regarding the first Far Cry 5 live event activity and reward, and so far things are looking pretty interesting. The first event is called Well Done, and it involves players killing as many enemies as possible using fire-based attacks without using flamethrowers or molotov cocktails.

Players who are able to take down 10 animals with this method will earn some silver bars, but players who take down 20 or more animals will unlock the Torchbearer. However, if the entire Far Cry 5 player base can rack up 150,000 or more kills using the above guidelines, the above rewards will unlock, providing each player access to the new flamethrower and player skin.

Ubisoft has also opened up a new Far Cry 5 live event website that should offer more details regarding upcoming events; however, at the time of writing, the site hasn't yet been updated with new information. Don't fret, though, Shacknews has plenty of knowledge for players to spend their time browsing through featured over on our ever-expanding Far Cry 5 guide and walkthrough.

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