April Fools: World of Warcraft Adds Royale Battlegrounds and Much More

A new battle royale mode is just scratching the surface for World of Warcraft's next big update.


Blizzard has been very busy with World of Warcraft, as of late. It's not just the push to the game's next expansion, Battle for Azeroth, either. The long-running MMORPG's latest patch has added in several features, a lot of which some of its fans might dig.

And because it's 2018, of course World of Warcraft is getting a Battle Royale mode. Royale Battlegrounds places 100 players in the middle of a map with no equipment, talents, or class abilities. Better look around and find some, because the map area closes in fast and everyone's out there trying to kill everyone else.

This is on top of several new items, like Narcissa's Black Mirror, which is used to take the very best selfies. There's also impersonal loot, where loot is literally chucked at your face. There's a lot more, so be sure to check out the World of Warcraft forums.

But wait, there's more! Because World of Warcraft loves to celebrate things, it's introducing Micro-Holidays, where everyday in WoW will celebrate something. This includes:

  • Looking for Queue: This allows players to queue for dungeon groups in a more realistic manner. All characters must physically stand outside the dungeon they wish to run. There are different lines for Tank, DPS, Healer, and "Queueing As The Wrong Role To Get In Quick," so be sure to find the line you're looking for.
  • The Itsy-Bitsy Teeny-Weeny Uber-Nano-Holiday [00:01:11-00:01:21 PST, 09:01:11-09:01:21 CEST]: This is a holiday that lasts a whopping ten seconds, so act fast! Earn the title of 'The Unblinker' by venturing to the Caverns of Time between 12:01:11AM and 12:01:21AM CEST. This event will be announced four and a half seconds before it begins... and fourteen and a half seconds before it ends. Hmm... better act fast.
  • The Yes-Fly Zone: Gravity? Who needs that? This event means no walking, ground mounts, or pretty much anything on the ground. It's a great day for those who have the flying ability or a flying mount. For those who don't, well, it sucks to be them, doesn't it?
  • We're All Elves Now: Everything is an elf for three days! Everything!
  • Future Timewalking Event: Chromie has brought back some gifts from patch 23.1 and the new Future Timewalking faction: The D'Loreion.
  • RP Walk is the Only Walk: It is exactly what it says it is.
  • Geographically Themed Faction Ownership (GTFO): The Blood Elves and the Draenei are swapping places. Now just sit back and wait to see what the Draenei do with Silvermoon and the Blood Elves do with Exodar.
  • Boom and Bust!: If you think gold farming was awesome, wait until you see Critcoin! It appreciates and depreciates at a rapid pace. Not many vendors take it yet, but that's just because they don't know what's up. But they will!
  • Margoss Retreat Day: "I can wait and fish all day." Grab your fishing pole and go fish in Margoss... and nowhere else.
  • Repeat Everything Day Repeat Everything Day Day: Daily quests can be repeated for the exact same reward. This one might get a bit repetitive.
  • What A Short Predictable Trip It's Been: All of the micro-holidays are active at once. Get this title by engaging in every single Micro-Holiday simultaneously.

There's a lot more to check out, so be sure to visit the World of Warcraft website to learn what else is coming to WoW.

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