Sonic Returns in Super Fast Sonic Mania Adventures Part 1 Video Short

The blue speedster brings nostalgia home in the first episode set in the Sonic Mania Adventure cartoon series.


Sonic the Hedgehog may still be one of the single biggest names in video gaming history, but fans who have grown up alongside Sega's blue speedster have found that too few of the newer Sonic games have been able to capture the series' original charm. Like many developers have discovered, sometimes nostalgia alone isn't enough to turn a retro-styled experience into something that translates into modern-day fun.

Fortunately, not all of that old-school magic has been lost. Fans still like checking in on the exploits of Sonic the Hedgehog, and the latest video posted to Sonic's official Twitter account provides more than enough evidence to support this statement. The chili dog-snarfing hedgehog has been featured in a new short video centered around all things Sonic, and we've featured it below for your viewing pleasure.

The video, labeled as Part 1 of the previously-touted Sonic Mania Adventures short-form cartoon series, sees Sonic doing all the things he loves most: running fast, freeing animals, and sticking it to ol' Doctor Robotnik. Fans with keen ears will also note the video's well-handled audio track, which features sounds and tunes that clearly hearken back to Sonic's 16-bit roots.

It may not be the proper return-to-form that players could be hoping for, but short videos like this provide proof that Sonic still carries plenty of appeal for series fans, even if that appeal doesn't necessarily come in the form of a video game.

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