Dying Light Update Introduces Free New Prison Heist Mode

A new gameplay mode, location, bounty, and a powerful new foe await in Dying Light's latest free content update.


Dying Light might be something an ancient entity by modern gaming standards, but that hasn't stopped the development team at Techland from keeping the experience fresh with regular content updates. The open-world horror title has seen its fair share of new material throughout the last three years, and fans who still get a kick out of romping around Harran are about to be treated to even more fun, as Dying Light is being given a new content update that offers up the new Prison Heist gameplay mode as well as a host of fresh features otherwise.

Chief among the new features is the aforementioned Prison Heist gameplay mode, which tasks players with making a hasty break into the armory located on the game's new Prison Island location. According to a post made from the Techland team over on the Dying Light Steam webpage, Prison Heist is "a time-attack mode designed for seasoned players," and fans will be able to check out the action either solo or with friends through co-op.

The update, which technically groups together content drops both four and five, will also bring about the Sgt. Deathrow enemy. Touted as "a previously unknown Demolisher mutation," players will find this tough new brute in Old Town. He's set to be much stronger and apparently much less predictable than other enemies, but players who manage to take him down will be treated to their fair share of experience.

Players will also note that Dying Light now has a Chinese language option, and in celebration of the upcoming Easter holiday, the development team have included the new Harran Egg Hunt, where players will have to chase a zombie easter bunny and collect its eggs in order to unlock the exclusive Easter Outfit.

Dying Light fans should see the new update being pushed to their systems soon, and Techland has promised that the next content drop number six is slated to arrive later in April. They also recommend, for purposes that are deliberately obscured, that players will want to get practice time in with the Prison Heist mode, as those skills "might come in handy soon."

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