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All Vietnam Lighter Locations - Far Cry 5

The 12 Vietnam Lighters found in Far Cry 5 tell some dark stories of life in Hope County.


There are six different types of collectibles to be found in Far Cry 5, but none were as interesting to me as the 12 Vietnam Lighters strewn about Hope County. They weren’t difficult to find and there was rarely a puzzle to solve, but most of them told a story if you stopped to take in the notes and scenes surrounding each lighter. Don’t get caught up grabbing all these for the reward at the end of the quest — the true prize is in the journey with these collectibles.

All 12 Vietnam Lighters

Vietnam Lighter 1: Your first Vietnam Lighter is at Rae-Rae’s Pumpkin Farm in John’s Region. You’ll find a bunker on the property. Head inside to get a perk magazine from the bunk, and grab the Vietnam Lighter from the nearby chair in the corner.

far cry 5 all vietnam lighter locations

Vietnam Lighter 2: Head to the Elliot Residence in Jacob’s Region to find this Vietnam Lighter. Take note of the bodies everywhere, and be sure to get The Holdouts prepper stash, plus one of 12 Comic Books in Far Cry 5. This guy took as many Peggies with him as he could.

Vietnam Lighter 3: Not far from the Hope County Jail is the Abercrombie Residence in Faith’s Region. Here you’ll find a bunker with most of the usual goodies, but there’s also a Vietnam Lighter sitting on a shelf next to a working television. Grab it up.

Vietnam Lighter 4: Between the Hope County Jail, Moonflower Trailer Park, and Angel’s Peak in Faith’s Region, you’ll find a Counselor’s Cabin just off the beaten path. There’s another bunker you can enter on the property, and inside you’ll find a Vietnam Lighter sitting on a shelf.

Vietnam Lighter 5: Not far from Cedar Lake in Jacob’s Region is an unnamed spot that holds a Vietnam Lighter. There will be a lookout in the area with a bunker nearby. Take in the scene and read the notes, then head into the bunker to get the Vietnam Lighter from a shelf.

Vietnam Lighter 6: Whitetail Park Visitor Center in Jacob’s Region holds a Vietnam Lighter. This spot is part of a main quest that requires stealth, but once you clear out the cultists you’ll find the Vietnam Lighter in a main building, sitting on a shelf next to a couple of grenades.

Vietnam Lighter 7: Not far from Widow’s Creek in Jacob’s Region is a bunker. Outside is a bloody scene to take in. Once you enter the bunker, there’s a note and more bloodshed to explain what happened. Don’t miss the Vietnam Lighter on the table. It’s dark in there.

Vietnam Lighter 8: Found in the McCoy Cabin near Peaches Taxidermy in Faith’s Region, this Vietnam Lighter is also in a bunker. There’s a shotgun down there if you need one, but the Vietnam Lighter is the star of the show. It’s on a shelf in the back room.

Vietnam Lighter 9: The McClean Residence is found in Faith’s Region, not too far from Dutch’s Island. As always, there is a bunker on the property with a few goodies in it, but the Vietnam Lighter you seek is on the bunk in the back room. Be sure to read any notes you find.

Vietnam Lighter 10: This Vietnam Lighter is found in the mountains of John’s Region, down the main road from Rae-Rae’s Pumpkin Farm. Head into the bunker to find this Vietnam Lighter sitting on a shelf next to the bunk bed. Pretty clean scene down there.

Vietnam Lighter 11: The Miller Residence is in John’s Region, and this Vietnam Lighter is found in a bunker like many others. Read the lore and study the scene to get an idea of what the owner liked to do to the members of the Eden’s Gate cult. The Vietnam Lighter can be found on the floor.

Vietnam Lighter 12: The final Vietnam Lighter in the game is found at the Fillmore Residence in John’s Region. Head into the bunker and check it for supplies that can help you on your journey, like some body armor, then grab the final Vietnam Lighter from the shelf.

Now that you have all 12 Vietnam Lighters, browse through our Far Cry 5 collectible guide to snatch up the remaining items you need to gather from Hope County.

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