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Where Does Far Cry 5 Take Place?

Far Cry 5 is set in a fictional town, but the town is based in a real-world location.


Far Cry 5 is here and gamers all around the world are diving into the fictional realm of Hope County to thwart Joseph Seed and his band of merry men. As you’re careening around taking down cult members, buying guns, and causing a bit of raucous, you might be wondering where Far Cry 5 takes place.

Where Does Far Cry 5 Take Place?

As mentioned above, Far Cry 5’s main setting is Hope County, but this fictional area is actually set in the heart of Montana, a northern state in the United States of America. Because Far Cry 5’s terrain is based on the real-world Montana, players will experience a vast array of environments, from lush fields and forests, to fast-moving streams and snowy regions, and even open fields.

Over the past five years, the Far Cry series has taken players to many exotic locations. Far Cry 3 offered tropical islands and gorgeous ocean views while Far Cry 4 boasted awe-inspiring mountainous regions, and now with Far Cry 5, a lot of players will get to fight in their own backyard with compound bows and even get to fly-fish in a river.

Now that you know where Far Cry 5 takes place, you can get back to quelling the cult uprising in Hope County! Remember to lock it to Shacknews for everything you need to know about Far Cry 5.

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