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Can You Go Prone in Far Cry 5?

Wondering how, or even if, you can go prone in Far Cry 5?


You’re going to spend a lot of time sneaking through the wilderness in Far Cry 5, constantly scanning your surroundings for threats. Some of these threats will be animals, while others will be religious fanatics with huge arsenals of weapons and bad attitudes. If you’re like me, you’ll want to go prone from time to time, either to avoid a fight, or to snipe from an advantageous position. I made a living out of that in Ghost Recon Wildlands and was looking forward to the same in Far Cry 5.

Can You Go Prone?

Unfortunately, you cannot go prone in Far Cry 5, which is a huge bummer. The hills and mountains that you spend so much time in would make a great place to set up above a target building and rain fire down from the prone position. On the flip side, I’d love to be able to go prone in a ditch to avoid passing enemy vehicles when I’m not looking for a fight.

It puzzles me that going prone isn’t an option in Far Cry 5. It was done so well in Ghost Recon Wildlands, allowing you to roll onto your back or side and create unique opportunities to engage enemies from a position of stealth. I used it to create ambushes from that position, or to keep my head down as an enemy force was obliterating the world around me. To go from the brilliant implementation of the prone mechanic in Ghost Recon Wildlands, to its complete removal in Far Cry 5 when so many other aspects of the two games are nearly identical, is mind boggling.

There’s a lot more to see in and do in Hope County, even if you must stand or crouch to do it. Visit our Far Cry 5 guide and walkthrough to ensure you’re ready to take on the Eden’s Gate cult.


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