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GDC 2018: Old School Musical Interview

We chat about La Moutarde's aspirational title where rhythm gaming and every other genre collides.


Old School Musical is a rhythm game with chiptune music and a "crazy" story mode that was inspired by games like Gitaroo Man and Space Channel 5. As such, it incorporates plenty of opportunities to groove along to the music. François Bertrand of La Moutarde was on hand to chat with our Greg Burke at GDC 2018 about the pixel-perfect retrolicious title.

Like Dance Dance Revolution, you need to match the button inputs on-screen to control your character. You'll play through an entire level with layouts inspired by Pokemon, according to Bertrand, and more. You may play through a shooter, stealth game, role-playing game, and even Zelda-like adventures to keep the backgrounds of each one fresh and new.

If you love rhythm games, the pixel aesthetic, and chiptunes, you'll want to keep Old School Musical on your radar, especially with what look like some top-notch parodic chops accompanying the original soundtrack. 

Check out the official website for more information. Old School Musical is coming to PC and Nintendo Switch at the same time, "maybe" this summer, according to Bertrand. That's plenty of time for you to get some new dancing shoes.

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