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GDC 2018: Away: Journey to the Unexpected Interview

We caught up with Playdius's Guillaume Jamet, VP of Marketing & Communication, about the upcoming first-person action adventure/shooter title coming to consoles this year. 


Away: Journey to the Unexpected is described as a "feel-good experience" inspired by anime, and it looks like one of the most unique games you might see this year. If you remain unconvinced, just check out our interview where all will be revealed. 

Our own Greg Burke met up with Playdius's Guillaume Jamet to chat about the colorful new game, which was on display at GDC 2018. The trailer looks a lot like an anime-styled adventure, but it's actually an anime-inspired first-person shooter and platformer, according to Jamet.

You can control multiple characters at once to form a party, with the ability to swap between them at any time, whether solo or with friends playing along. Each character has their own personality and vision of the game world, with unique abilities as well.

The full 3D world is an interesting juxtaposition with the 2D characters and monsters, which lends a very unique look that you might not be expecting ("unexpected" is in the title, after all.) It's definitely one you'll want to keep your eye on, as Greg discovers during his interview. 

The game has a projected 2018 release date and it's coming to Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

For more information, you can check out the official Away: Journey to the Unexpected website, where you'll find a lush, colorful anime-styled trailer. It's pretty impressive!

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