GDC 2018: Exclusive Earthfall Interview

Shacknews gets to chat with Holospark PR director Colin Moore about the upcoming survival shooter.


It’s a tale as old as time. A meteor hits earth and unleashes an army of pissed-off aliens. In Earthfall, you are one of the survivors and must scavenge around and find weapons to fight back against the alien scum. This co-op survival shooter has been on Steam early access for about a year now and is moving towards its official launch. Shacknews video editor and chicken nugget expert Greg Burke bumped into Holospark PR director Colin Moore on the floor at GDC and got the inside scoop on the fight against the aliens.

Moore gives an overview of the different aliens you’ll encounter and goes into detail on some of the weapons players will come across during gameplay. The big news out of Holospark is that the game will be coming out of Steam early access this spring. Additionally, Earthfall will be touching down on both the Xbox One and PS4 later this year.

You can find out more about Earthfall at its official website. To get into the action today, you can grab the game on Steam early access right now.

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