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Fortnite Mobile Compared to Console in iPhone vs Xbox One X Video

Players interested in Fortnite Mobile are no doubt curious how the game stacks up when compared to its console and PC counterpart.


Even though mobile phones themselves aren't exactly new technology, they've certainly been getting a lot of buzz lately thanks to the mobile ports of several high-profile games. ARK: Survival Evolved, PUBG, and Fortnite are the latest PC-based heavy hitters to get the mobile makeover, and while the former titles may be serviceable enough in their own rights, it seems Fortnite Mobile is the real star of the show. Unlike PUBG, which struggles to run properly even on home consoles, it looks like Fortnite Mobile might be the true-to-form console-to-mobile crossover that players have been waiting for.

A new video from the smart folk over at DigitalFoundry serves as a graphical comparison between the Xbox One X version of Fortnite and Fortnite Mobile running on both the iPhone X and the minimum-tier iPhone 6S. And while players could reasonably expect that the mobile version of the game would look bad and run worse, that doesn't really seem to be the case.

As can be seen from the video, Fortnite Mobile runs shockingly well on the iPhone X hardware. Shadows, draw distance, and other graphical tweaks have been adjusted when compared to the base experience, but the game keeps to a fairly steady 30 frames per second, and by-and-large looks to have kept the full PC Fortnite feel intact. Unsurprisingly, the 6s doesn't fare anywhere near as well as the iPhone X when it comes to running Fortnite Mobile, with a big drop in graphical fidelity and a resolution that appears to dip below the 720p mark. It certainly runs, it just won't be blowing anyone away.

Granted, a lot of no-nonsense players will still see a problem with the idea of playing Fortnite on the iPhone X: at a retail cost of about $1,000, the iPhone X costs roughly twice what users would pay for an Xbox One X, and it still doesn't run Fortnite as well as the console would. The problem with that line of thinking is that the iPhone X isn't solely a gaming platform, so it's not exactly fair to compare the two devices' performances. With that said, the iPhone X does deliver surprisingly high performance on-the-go, and it should provide a solid enough Fortnite experience for players who already own a late-model iPhone.

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