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GDC 2018: Aftercharge Dev Talks Asymmetrical Action

It's invisible versus invincible in Aftercharge, in the latest first-person experience from the team at Chainsawesome Games.


Aftercharge is a 3v3 first-person online multiplayer game with a surprising twist on the usual team-based gameplay: instead of teams where all players are roughly even in powers and abilities, Aftercharge drops players into one of two different teams of either robots or Enforcers, where the robots are completely invisible and the Enforcers are completely invincible.

How does a team-based multiplayer game work when one team is invisible and the other is immune to damage? That's exactly what we came to find out. Check out Shacknews' interview with Jean Simon Otis, technical director and co-founder of Chainsawesome Games, as he walks us through some of the highlights and driving forces behind Aftercharge.

The backbone of Aftercharge's gameplay centers around six structures known as Extractors that players are tasked with either destroying or defending. The Enforcers are the team defending the Extractors, and they have a number of different tools on hand that not only block passageways and divert the enemy around obstacles, but also some that can help point out the location of invisible players. The Enforcers have to move quickly, however, because if all Extractors get destroyed, the game ends.

The robots, on the other hand, are meant to work together to coordinate attack strategies and sneak around enemy defenses in order to destroy or otherwise disable the map's Extractors. As time goes on and players fall, the active area of the map will shrink to keep the action tense, and if all of the robots fall without being revived by their teammates, the Enforcers will win the match.

Aftercharge is the latest effort from Chainsawesome Games, a Canadian independent games developer responsible for such past titles as Knigfht Squad and BeatBlasters II. Aftercharge looks to be one of the team's most ambitious titles yet, and according to the Aftercharge Steam page, the game is currently slated for a Summer 2018 release.

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