FluffyBeard Error in Sea of Thieves

What it means, and how to fix, the FluffyBeard error in Sea of Thieves.


It’s always the case isn’t it: a day off from work or home from school and all you wanted to do was play your game – this time Sea of Thieves – and it happens to be temporarily unavailable, all because of the FluffyBeard error. Fret not, for the FluffyBeard error will be gone before you know it.

FluffyBeard Error in Sea of Thieves

The FluffyBeard error is specifically used in Sea of Thieves when the servers are down for maintenance or when Rare is currently not running a playtest session. Because all the playtests have finished, the reason you’re getting the FluffyBeard error is because the servers are down for maintenance. This error is similar to the KiwiBeard error, but is used specifically for when the servers are temporarily unavailable.

Just pretend this says FluffyBeard.

The only way to fix the FluffyBeard error is to wait until Rare throws the switch and actives the servers. If it was a server-side update you would be good to play immediately; if Rare was pushing out a client-side patch, you’d need to update Sea of Thieves lest you experience the BeigeBeard error.

There are currently three server maintenance downtimes scheduled for March, so set your clocks so you remember when to plan your snack-runs, family time, or other responsibilities:

  • Thursday March 22nd, 5am–9am ET
  • Saturday March 24th, 5am–9am ET
  • Tuesday March 27th, 5am–9am ET

Whenever Rare announces other server downtimes, we’ll be sure to update this list so you’re not surprised by any FluffyBeards in the future. For all things Sea of Thieves, make sure you set your sights on Shacknews. Be sure to drop anchor over at our Sea of Thieves guide for more answers, tips, and helpful information.

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