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A Way Out - Chapter 2: Fugitives

The second chapter in A Way Out leaves Vincent and Leo as fugitives of the law, fleeing police, stealing a truck from a farm, and taking a ride down a river.


With the prison at your back and the scent of freedom in the air, Vincent and Leo reach a new chapter: Fugitives. Throughout this chapter in A Way Out, you’ll be running from guards, fleeing the police, finding transportation and trying to lose your tail. This is also the first chapter where you will need to decide how to approach a situation, either Vincent’s slow but methodical way or Leo’s quick but hectic way.

On The Run

The second chapter starts at top speed, with Vincent and Leo running through the woods, dodging the searchlight of a helicopter. Continue along the path to reach a climbable wall that leads you to an open area full of cops. Stick to the tall grass to avoid being spotted, this will give you a chance to either sneak by or silently take down each police officer. You can’t hide bodies, so don’t worry too much about where you take them down – just don’t get spotted!

At the edge of the section will be two guards, Vincent and Leo will need to take them down at the same time to avoid being detected. Stay low and keep moving and don’t approach the group of police talking about Johnson. Avoid or take down the next guard and continue following the path.

As you round a corner, you’ll see a bridge in the distance, but before you reach it, another pair of guards will need to be taken down at the same time. With the guards down, work together to scale the wall and prepare to cross the bridge.

Bridge Crossing

The bridge crossing introduces you to the first split decision in A Way Out. You can either pick Leo’s way of crossing the bridge with a police car or Vincent’s idea of going below the bridge.

Leo’s Way: Go over the bridge

Choosing Leo’s way involves knocking out the nearby police officer and climbing into the cop car. Vincent will take the driver’s seat while Leo sits in the back. Start driving, avoid the cops and weave through the cars. You can press the on-screen button to go full speed and bash your way through. When the car crashes, get ready to run, because Leo and Vincent will need to escape from two police dogs. Run through the woods, jumping over trees, and whoever gets to the opposite side of the ravine first will need to catch the other player.

Vincent’s Way: Go under the bridge

Picking Vincent’s way takes you through a chain-linked fence and down to the maintenance route below the bridge. Slink around the side of the bridge, jump across the gap, and then shimmy across the pipes. Walk along the gangplank and crouch beside the wall to avoid the helicopter’s searchlight.

Climb past the tank canisters, causing the walkway to collapse, and then double-back to the energy board. Use the monkey bars to cross the gap, and then kick open the door near the collapsed walkway. Get ready to catch your friend as they jump across.

Go to the outside of the bridge and shimmy across. You will need to stand still and wait for the police to stop talking before you can move, else they will detect you.

Work together to cross the thin pipes to the other side of the bridge. Once across, turn left and grab the fire axe and use it to break the lock on the door. Head through the room and go out the door to see a guard patrolling up high. Boost one person up to the patrolling guard and try to take him down, unfortunately another guard will appear. The other player needs to shimmy across the ledge below the outcropping and then take down the officer with the gun.

Time to run! Vincent and Leo will start sprinting away from a pack of police dogs. Jump over the fallen trees and follow the path along. One person will slide down the steep incline first; it’s their job to catch the other player on the other end.


It’s time to take a moment and relax after the insane prison escape. Enjoy your trek through the forest as Vincent and Leo relish the freedom. Follow the path down until you find the campsite, this is where you will find your next task: catching some fish!

Wade through the pool to reach the campsite where you’ll find a knife stuck in a piece of wood. Use the knife to fashion a spear, one for Vincent and one for Leo. To catch the fish, you will need to guide them toward the other player. The easiest way to do this is for one person to splash while the other tries to spear. Alternatively, you can both spear at the same time, walking in opposite directions to guide the fish around. Wait until the fish is directly below you, as they shove the spear straight down.

Take the fish to the campfire, put the spear down, and find some more firewood. You can find a bunch of twigs in the bush nearby the campfire. Take the twigs to the campsite and then interact with the fireplace to light the fire. Grab your spears and sit down on the logs to cook the fish.

The Farmstead

After catching the fish and cooking them on the fire, continue your trek through the wilderness until you reach the farmstead. This little farm is where you’ll need to make another decision, either Vincent’s way of releasing the horses or Leo’s way of tying up the old couple.

Vincent’s Way: Release horses

Selecting Vincent’s way takes you down to the barn, where you will need to find a way in to release the horses. Grab the ladder leaning next to the tree and place it near the barn hatch. Climb the ladder and enter the barn.

Inside the barn you will need to complete a couple of tasks: open the barn door, release the horses from their pens, and find something to scare horses. You can use the cement mixer up the back of the barn to scare the horses, but make sure the horses are free from their pens and that the barn door is open. Once the horses are free, the old couple will leave the house.

Leo’s Way: Subdue couple

Choosing Leo’s idea requires you to sneak into the house and tie up the old couple. To do this, one person should sneak to the top floor using the vine lattice on the side of the house while the other player sneaks in through the kitchen window.

The player upstairs should use an object (picture or vase) to create some noise. This will scare the old couple into action. The lady will make her way to the phone while the man prepares his shotgun. Whoever is downstairs should grab the lady while the player upstairs sneaks down the steps to grab the man. With the couple tied up you are free to continue with the task at hand.

Go to the second floor of the house, head into the bedroom, and then into the walk-in wardrobe to change your clothes. There are a lot of items in the house you can interact with, so take your time and explore. When you’ve changed your clothes and are ready to leave, go outside and head to the right to find a garage, this is where you’ll get the truck.

Open the garage to find the truck inside; it’s going to need a bit of work done on it before you can drive it. Search the garage for a metal rod, a tire, and a car wrench. You can find a pinch bar to the side of the garage, place it at the rear of the truck and then look behind the truck on the workbench to find the lug wrench. Place the lug wrench beside the truck and head upstairs.

One player will need to grab the hook while the other pulls the cable to get them across the other side. The tire can be found near the edge of the balcony, and once you throw it off, jump down to the ground floor.

Place the wheel on the truck, do up the nuts with the lug wrench, and then while one person lifts the car using the bar, the other needs to remove the chock. With the truck’s wheel replaced, push the truck out of the garage.

Walk down to the truck, search the shed for the gas can and then fill up the truck with petrol. You will now need to charge the battery using the nearby jumper leads. Pop the hood, attach the leads, and then start up the truck to finish The Farmstead.

The Getaway

Now that the truck is fixed, you’re going to have to put the pedal to the mettle if you want to escape the cops. This section of the Fugitive chapter in A Way Out requires some driving and shooting skills. While one person drives, the other is going to need to gun down all the cop cars that approach. Watch out for the oncoming semi-trailer truck and keep on the gas.

River Run

The chase doesn’t end with the truck, as you’ll need to quickly flee on foot and jump in a rowboat. The rowboat requires a lot of coordination, as you will need to paddle on both sides to turn the boat left and right to avoid the rocks. If you need to turn sharply in one direction or the other, you should both get on one side and paddle like mad! Be careful not to slam the boat into rocks too often, as it only has a certain amount of durability before it breaks.

At the end of the River Run section, Vincent will need to use the boat to climb to safety while Leo reaches out his hand to help (or vice versa). With both fugitives safely on land, the second chapter in A Way Out will be finished and the next chapter will begin. Get ready for a lot of action, because Chapter 3: Preparation keeps the adrenaline pumping!

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