Sea of Thieves Eyes Day One Patch

Developer Rare has displayed pleasingly rare form with the new Sea of Thieves Day One Patch.


One of the bigger components to modern game design is a focus on the end-user experience. It's not enough just to make a good game; developers need frequent interaction with their fans, and the best development teams will adjust their products according to player feedback. Fortunately, developer Rare has been keeping a close eye on the desires of Sea of Thieves players, which is exactly why the team has updated the game with a new tongue-in-cheek cosmetic item known as the Day One Patch.

The Day One Patch in Sea of Thieves

Yes, as many players and word play enthusiasts may have guessed, the Sea of Thieves Day One Patch is an actual eyepatch. The feature was pitched over on the Sea of Thieves subreddit last February by user Jefabell, who insisted that Rare not "miss the opportunity to release a 'Day One Patch' eye-patch with the games [sic] Day One Patch."

Image credit via reddit user Darkwizard98

Being the amusing and dedicated folk that they are, Rare did just that. Players jumping into Sea of Thieves will spot a new entry in the General Clothing Shop for the Day One Patch, a plain black-colored eyepatch with the numeral 1 outlined in red thread. The item's description matches its inspiration, too, reading, "A message in a bottle from Jolly Jefabell washed ashore. Eye patch makers read it and said 'aye.'"

There's very little time before players will be able to get their feet wet in Rare's latest open-world adventure, as Sea of Thieves is set to release for Xbox One and Windows PCs in just under three hours. For more information about the game, be sure to check out Shacknews' own Sea of Thieves guide and walkthrough.

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