Microsoft Employs Top Goonie Sean Astin for Special Sea of Thieves Trailer

Microsoft and Rare are hoping that players will bring the “Never Say Die” attitude to the new pirate adventure.


Sea of Thieves is Microsoft’s biggest release of the first half of 2018. They have delayed the game several times to ensure everything is ready. To help build hype and excitement, the company has prepared a special Xbox One console bundle that includes the game, a branded hard drive, and a custom Xbox One controller. Microsoft is counting on Sea of Thieves to be a system seller and is pulling out all the stops, especially with the marketing. The red carpet has been rolled out to Sean Astin, the movie star most famous for his roles in Rudy, Lord of the Rings, and recently, Stranger Things. Astin is the star of the latest Sea of Thieves promotional trailer.

Older players will no doubt recognize Astin from his starring role in the 1980s classic The Goonies, an action adventure that followed a group of kids searching for long lost pirate treasure. Astin’s character Mikey was the leader of the Goonies and is a welcome sight for fans in the new trailer. He is portrayed as the curator for the Museum of More Pirate, a place celebrating the legendary exploits of the Sea of Thieves community.

Sea of Thieves officially launches tonight at 9PM Pacific for North American players. You can pre-order the game right now for Xbox One and PC. You can grab the previously mentioned controller and console bundle as well. If you are interested in the other launch trailer that shows more of the actual game being played, you can find our post about it here.

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