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Sega R Teasing A New Sonic Racing Game

Details are slim, but the evidence is clear: a new Sonic racing game is on the horizon.


Sega fans and Sonic enthusiasts alike were given a special treat earlier today. As a bit of a finale for the Sonic the Hedgehog South by Southwest panel, Sega revealed a new teaser trailer for a game that should blend the blue speedster's blazing haste with good old-fashioned internal combustion.

The teaser trailer on offer is exceptionally vague — not only does it lack any type of in-game footage, it doesn't technically even show the name of the game. It's clear from the lettering that Sonic Racing is part of the title, but the situation is muddied by the well-lit letter R, which is reminiscent of the old racing title Sonic R — a game that did not actually feature vehicles.

It wouldn't be far-fetched for fans to assume the new title will be similar to Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing, a kart racer starring the Sega crew that released back during the Wii heyday. That game was more than a bit similar to N64 classic Diddy Kong Racing, where players could pilot either a car, a bike, or a hovercraft. As might be expected, numerous hazards and offensive countermeasures kept the action tense, and gamers could compete in difference race modes for single or multiple players.

We're not saying that the new game will follow in the All-Stars Racing formula; we're just saying we wouldn't be surprised. In fact, done properly, a modern take on Sega's own kart racing franchise could be a lot of fun. Until Sega decides to let fans know more about the game, however, there's really no telling just what to expect.

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