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You Can Now Filter Mixer Streams Based on Age Rating and Language

Microsoft's streaming platform is aiming to make things a little easier to find if you're looking for something specific. 


When you're looking for a gaming stream to watch, it can often be difficult to settle on something. You might have concerns about what kind of content is shown in case you want to share it with the entire family. Or you might need to consume your favorite streams in one particular language. If you're looking for content on Mixer, Microsoft has made it a little simpler for you to filter through what can be a ton of noise. You can now search through Mixer for streams by rating and language. 

So if you want to search for Japanese-speaking streamers for what may be an interesting mix of games that aren't out in the west yet, you can filter your search results for simply Japanese-speaking streams. Or maybe you know a relative you want to share streams with who only speaks Spanish. You can sift through Mixer for someone who's speaking Spanish to easily customize your experience.

If language isn't something you're concerned with, you can also search by rating instead. This should help keep things clean if that's what you're looking for. Everyone knows it can be ridiculously difficult to find appropriate content online when it comes to livestreams, so hopefully this makes things a little easier if you're interested in using Mixer in addition to Twitch to supplement your streaming addiction.

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