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Team17 Reveals Breathtaking Platformer Planet Alpha

The Crysis of side-scrolling adventure games will be releasing sometime in 2018.


A project years in the making, Planet Alpha is the result of an idea from Adrian Lazar, an artist who previously worked at IO Interactive. Lazar has been working away at the project since 2013 and as the game is nearing a release, has partnered with Team17 to bring Planet Alpha to gamers this year. Team17 is responsible for titles like the Worms franchise and the 2016 breakout hit, Overcooked. Together with the Planet Alpha developers, Team 17 officially took the wraps off the game with a jaw-dropping announcement trailer.

Players will awaken and find themselves stranded on an alien world. They must navigate the crazy terrain and survive against a host of strange creatures. The game has a very striking art style and makes full use of the Unreal Engine to deliver what might be the best looking platformer ever created.

While the full details on gameplay and progression are still under wraps, players will be able to manipulate the environment by rotating the planet, affecting gravity and weather. A day and night cycle is also expected to factor in heavily to the experience. Planet Alpha will be arriving for the PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch sometime in 2018.

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