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Modojo Rewind: iOS Oh Yes

The latest Modojo Rewind examines new iPhone how-to guides and fresh news from this month's Nintendo Direct.


Hark, ye merry gentleman and fine lady folk, for a symphony of horns and bells signal the return of the Modojo Rewind. This week we doubled down on our efforts toward answering some pressing questions for iPhone and iOS users, and Nintendo came blasting out of the gates with loads of fresh news for Switch fans, including a short-lived but nonetheless exciting reveal for a new Super Smash Bros. title.

Free your mind and open your soul to the bewildering colors and perplexing synesthesia offered up by this week's Modojo Rewind.

The iPhone How-To Guide Hub Experience

In an effort to provide informative guides written specifically for mobile gamers, the Modojo @ Shacknews crew has spent plenty of time poring over some of the most frequently asked questions with regard to Apple hardware. This is serious business, folks, so instead of providing readers with the usual sort of medieval-themed and musically inspired flavor text, we're going to give you a straightforward list of all the new iPhone, iOS, and macOS-themed guides to hit Shack this week.

How to move app icons on iPhone
How to set up and use Apple pay on the iPhone X and Apple Watch
How to send fireworks screen effects in iPhone messages
How to put the iPhone into Recovery Mode
How to turn off the iPhone Auto Join WiFi option
How to type to Siri on iOS and macOS

While we feel pretty strongly that these guides should cover some of the more common questions and complaints regarding Apple devices, we're certainly open to providing more how-to guides, so if you've got any ideas on what to cover next, let us know in the Chatty.

An Evolving Mobile Landscape

Though many mobile users might not realize, the day-to-day mobile market is in constant flux. Even big-name app developers with hugely popular software aren't immune from the effects of changing user expectations, and this week serves as evidence. We got wind that social media platform and camera company Snap Inc. is reportedly laying off nearly 100 employees, likely as an effort to revamp the brand, and popular game publisher Gameloft closed the doors on its Madrid studio, marking the seventh such closure over the past three years.

We do have some actual good news for mobile fans, of course: battle royale fans will either be thrilled or bummed to hear about Fortnite Battle Royale coming to iOS. While a mobile port is all well and good on its own, this new game will supposedly allow iOS users to play directly against PC and console players, which is unusual to say the least. Those who like their mobile games on the less thrilling (and less frustrating) side should also look forward to the upcoming release of Polar Rollout, a physics-based puzzler that's set to land on iOS later this year.

Direct From Nintendo

It just wouldn't be a Modojo Rewind without some news from Nintendo, and fortunately for fans, the company held a Nintendo Direct presentation this week full of loads of new information and release date reveals. While the news regarding both Mario Tennis Aces and Tarsier Studio's horror puzzler Little Nightmares were of particular interest, fans can check out a comprehensive list of all the reveals by heading over to our Nintendo Direct March 8 recap. Also be sure to check out Google Maps to see a rare appearance of a kart-riding Mario.

Aside from new games, we also re-learned some information about Nintendo's most iconic mascot this week, namely that Mario is formally and once again a plumber. He was already a plumber in our hearts, of course, but this news at least reassures those who fear Mario outgrowing his own roots. Beyond this, we've also heard about some new Mario crossover content coming to Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, which is sure to delight Nintendo fans getting their fill of the mobile scene. Last but certainly not least, Modojo's resident legend Brittany Vincent has had a chance to sit down with the new Sims mobile title, and series fans owe it to themselves to check out her official review of The Sims Mobile.

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