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Ex-Insomniac Devs Reveal Blast Zone! Tournament

Their new studio is ready to bring Bomberman style action to consoles and PC. 


It would seem that the team at Victory Lap Games takes the old adage "If you want something done right, then do it yourself" rather seriously. The team made up of ex-Insomniac Games veterans decided they were sick of waiting around for the perfect Bomberman game and decided to make their dream version of the series a reality in the form of Blast Zone! Tournament. 

While most new titles shy away from inviting too many comparisons to similar games, the team at Victory Lap seems to revel in it. They are not shy about the Bomberman series' influence on Blast Zone! Tournament. However, this isn't just a reskinned 1-to-1 remake of a pre-existing series.

Blast Zone! promises to integrate competitive features from games like Overwatch and Rocket League. Meaning things like eSports integration, character customization, and other in-game rewards should be expected in the final product.

According to the press release Blast Zone! Tournament will also offer up "32-player cross-platform multiplayer (local, online, and combined), ten multiplayer modes, 280 multiplayer levels, 240 single-player challenges, a wealth of character customizations and a myriad of unique gameplay scenarios."

From what I can gather from the trailer, it seems like the premise is that players will take their custom avatar into a Bomberman-style grided arena to face off against opponents and vie for the top score or rank in matches. No word on when or what consoles Blast Zone! Tournament will be making its way to just yet, since it's just being revealed, but interested parties can check out Victory Lap's official site for more screenshots. 

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