Physics Puzzler Polar Rollout Coming to iOS Next Month

Mobile players can roll through the opposition when Blue Evolution's Polar Rollout makes its iOS debut next month.


As the mobile gaming scene continues to grow, so shall the amount of poorly designed mobile titles. In particular, games like The Sims Mobile attract players with big-name franchise titles but wind up delivering content solely based around cooldown timers and egregious in-app purchases. That's why the Modojo @ Shacknews crew likes to hear about new small-form indie games, especially ones which present simple gameplay mechanics without having to resort to a bank of timers or other mobile gaming cliches. Toward that front, developer Blue Evolution's upcoming puzzle title Polar Rollout looks to hit all the right marks.

Set in a colorful world where a cast of various animals appear to be opposed by a faction of nefarious flying fish, Polar Rollout tasks players with eliminating the enemy by drawing lines to guide the game's rolling heroes through the fish and toward the safety of the end-level warp point. Environments also have a number of specially placed obstacles as well as different trajectory modifiers like cannons that players can use to chain together combos. To get a feel for how it all looks in action, check out the Polar Rollout iOS trailer, featured below.

Blue Evolution didn't stop at presenting a simple gameplay formula: Polar Rollout is slated to feature 120 different levels, the likes of which are spread across six different environments. The game will also let players choose from several different animal heroes, each of which featuring its own special talents and abilities.

iPhone users can go ahead and pre-order the iOS version of the game by heading over to its listing on the Apple App Store. Otherwise, players can expect to get their hands on Polar Rollout when the free-to-play game makes its formal iPhone and iPad debut on April 18.

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