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Four Games Ripe For A Geralt The Witcher Cameo

A CD Projekt Red dev teased a Geralt appearance and we've got some likely and not-so-likely candidates.


CD Projekt Red is hard at work making Cyberpunk 2077, a game we’ll likely see in action at E3 2018, but the hero of their previous hit series, The Witcher, will see some extra work come his way this year as well. A CD Projekt Red staff member tweeted out the suggestion that Geralt will be stepping into foreign territory with an appearance in one of the upcoming games later this year. We took a glance at our Video Game Release Schedule 2018 article and came up with some of the best homes for the Geralt of Rivia.

Soul Calibur 6

Soul Calibur 6 is the one that makes the absolute most sense at this moment. Major fighting games have been flush with cameos from a diverse collection of franchises and Soul Calibur is no stranger to featuring major characters from other games. Link from the Zelda franchise, Heihachi of Tekken fame, Todd McFarlane’s Spawn, and Ezio from Assassin’s Creed have all made appearances in a Soul Calibur game and Geralt would be right at home here.

Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World is already out, but the PC edition of the game releases in the Fall. If you’re familiar with both franchises, “Witcher” and “Monster Hunter” go hand-in-hand and this makes a potential appearance plausible. The phrasing of Momot’s tweet makes it seem like Geralt’s appearance will be in a completely new game, but don’t count Monster Hunter World out entirely.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Ok. This one is highly unlikely, but you can’t tell us that you’re not at least slightly interested in the idea of “Cowboy Geralt”. Bounty hunting in Red Dead Redemption 2's wild west as the infamous Witcher would be quite a surprise in what is sure to be a high-profile release when it launches.


This is very unlikely as well, but would be a cameo of a very different kind. In Dontnod Entertainment's Vampyr, you play a doctor torn between healing with his profession and harming because of his new affliction and maybe that draws the attention of a legendary monster hunter. A special quest that puts Geralt on your trail would add an entirely new layer to the horror of Vampyr and Geralt certainly has a history with bloodsuckers.

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