When's The Release Date For Detroit: Become Human?

Quantic Dream will ask the tough questions again in only a couple months.


Quantic Dream has been teasing Detroit: Become Human for a good while, showing off every little decision can change the outcome of the game's scenes in small or massive ways. Now, players know when they'll be able to change things for better or worse themselves. Detroit: Become Human's release date has been set for May 25, 2018.

David Cage, Quantic Dream's director, took to the PlayStation blog to announce Detroit: Become Human's release date and shared the role of the game's three protagonists:

Connor is a prototype designed to help human investigators on cases involving androids; Kara becomes a fugitive by empathizing with a little girl, united in their dream of freedom; Markus will become the leader of the android revolution.

Quantic Dream experiences tend to share multiple perspectives as a way to build a multilayered story that crescendos into intense drama, so expect no less with Detroit: Become Human. The player's influence is always a major focus in the studio's projects as well, and Cage alluded to that in his post.

"Detroit is by far the most ambitious title ever created by Quantic Dream; with this game, we wanted to push our limits by creating the most bending game we have ever made," Cage wrote. "Your actions have real and spectacular consequences: there are entire scenes that you can see or miss based on your actions, your closest allies may help you until the end or die just after you meet them, your destiny itself can be totally different depending on your choices. You must also be very careful with your three main characters, because any of them may die at any time."

Cage and his team's ideas are usually very ambitious, but they don't seem to create much of a conversation among gamers. Heavy Rain has become a running joke because of some scenes, but it didn't really maintain a lengthy discussion on fatherhood even though it told I great tale. Detroit: Become Human seems like another opportunity for a great story and, hopefully, it won't just turn into the butt of many jokes.

Detroit: Become Human launches on May 25 exclusively on the PS4.

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