Destiny 2 Weekly Reset for February 27, 2018

This week's Destiny 2 weekly reset sees the removal of timers in Nightfalls, allowing for more folks to solo this weekly activity.


I put a lot of time into the faction rally that just wrapped up in Destiny 2. For once, Destiny 2 had gear that I wanted, and I got it all. The faction rally is now over, but this week sees some changes to the way Destiny 2 is played. Nightfalls are losing their timers, allowing solo players to take their time and complete the activity without guided games, and strike scoring is making its first appearance.

Nightfall - Tree of Probabilities

The Inverted Spire is as OG as it gets when it comes to a Nightfall. No Guardian fireteam should struggle, but we do have an Inverted Spire Nightfall guide in case you get stuck.


There are no Nightfall modifiers to speak of. As mentioned, there is no more timer to worry about, but this also means that you're missing out on cool perks, such as nearly endless grenades.


  • Unbroken - Complete the Nightfall with fewer than three deaths.
  • Laser Challenge - Take five or fewer hits from lasers in the Atlas Grove.

Flashpoint - Titan

Titan is a better place for a flashpoint than Mercury, which we all had to endure last week. There are only three public events to speak of, but they are easy to complete even if you're only doing so with one other player. Depending on how quickly the public events pop, expect that this will take you between 30 and 60 minutes.

Leviathan Raid Order

The Leviathan raid this week features the Royal Pools > Pleasure Gardens > Gauntlet > Calus fight. Be sure to study our Leviathan raid guide, as well as our guide on the Leviathan raid underbelly codes, to help stay out of the Castellum as much as you possibly can.

Leviathan Raid Challenge

The challenge this week takes place in the Pleasure Gardens, which is one of the easier challenges to complete. Read our Pleasure Gardens challenge guide for help.

Faction Weapons for Sale

There are some good things to buy this week, assuming you don't already own them. Uriel's Gift is the obvious choice as the meta auto rifle in the Crucible. I also dig Tarantula, although more becuase it's cool and not so much because it's great. Tone Patrol just sounds cool, so you could buy that if you're overflowing with tokens.

  • Devrim Kay - Minimum Distance Legendary Sidearm
  • Asher Mir - Tarantula Legendary Linear Fusion Rifle
  • Sloane - Tone Patrol Legendary Scout Rifle
  • Failsafe - Uriel's Gift Legendary Auto Rifle
  • Commander Zavala - Eternal Blazon Legendary Scout Rifle
  • Lord Shaxx - Gentleman Vagabond Legendary Sniper Rifle

Gunsmith Inventory

  • Legendary Weapon Mod: Void Damage Mod
  • Legendary Warlock Bond Mod: Solar Paragon Mod
  • Legendary Helmet Armor Mod: Energy Bracket Mod

Eververse Inventory

  • Legendary Emote: Odd Dance - 700 Bright Dust
  • Legendary Emote: Odder Dance - 700 Bright Dust
  • Legendary Sparrow: Twilight Locust - 600 Bright Dust
  • Legendary Ship: Bassanio - 500 Bright Dust
  • Exotic Weapon Ornament: Jade Countenance (Fighting Lion) - 800 Bright Dust
  • Exotic Weapon Ornament: Red Dwarf (Sunshot) - 800 Bright Dust
  • Lgendary Gauntlets: Omega Mechanos - 800 Bright Dust
  • Exotic Ghost: Cosmos Shell - 2,850 Bright Dust
  • Rare Transmat Effect: Coral Rabbit - 450 Bright Dust
  • Legendary Shader: Mercury Vex Chrome - 40 Bright Dust
  • Legendary Shader: Precursor Vex Chrome - 40 Bright Dust
  • Fireteam Medallion Legendary Consumable - 50 Bright Dust
  • Gleaming Boon of the Vanguard Legendary Consumable - 350 Bright Dust
  • Gleaming Boon of the Crucible Legendary Consumable - 750 Bright Dust

That will do it for the Destiny 2 weekly reset for February 27, 2018. Don't forget to visit the Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide for help banging out that solo Nightfall, Guardian.

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