The Cartridge Family 027 - We Don't Like Well-Liked Games, Burnout Paradise, Yume Nikki Game Club

No John today, so we spend an hour roasting him before talking about games that other people seem to love, but we don't.


I remember back in middle school when Papa Roach was dropping dimes right and left, my peers were scribbling his poetic rantings in their notebook while moms nation-wide were deeming him too controversial for young Johnny’s virgin ears. I never liked Papa Roach. It’s okay if you do. I never liked Assassin’s Creed. It really is okay if you do. If you’ve ever used the internet, you know that it’s often challenging to articulate these kinds of thoughts without ruffling feathers. Today, the boys get together and air their collective grievances in regard to a few popularly well-liked video games.

Beyond that, it’s business as usual with the fam. We discuss the latest headlines in gaming, mention a few select notable game releases, and take a stroll down memory lane during Buffa’s infamous Beatdown segment. After the outro, enjoy our brief but interesting Yume Nikki Game Club. All this and more on today’s show. Thanks as always for listening.

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- Joe Stasio
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