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Learning to Read in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Improve your life skills in Kingdom Come Deliverance by teaching Henry how to read.


In Kingdom Come: Deliverance Henry struggles with a lot of things on a daily basis, with the most noteworthy being reading. Henry has never learned to read, possibly because he’s never had a reason. But now that you’re in control of his life, you’re going to want to learn to read as it's a skill that will come in handy as you rise through the ranks of society.

How to Learn to Read

Learning to read in Kingdom Come: Deliverance isn’t possible until after you’ve finish the Unexpected Visit quest and the Run! quest of the main story. The section of the story you want to reach is when you wake up in Rattay. From here, you must head to the Apothecary in the main village of Rattay and speak with the trader inside.

You can ask the trader whether he knows someone who can teach Henry to read, and he’ll suggest you visit a Scribe in Uzhitz. Make your way to the distant village either on foot or with a horse (you’re going to want the horse to save time and energy). When you arrive, locate the Scribe and pay him for the service of teaching you to read. This will set you back 50 gold, so make sure you have enough saved up.

In the event you’re struggling to amass the funds to pay people, why not consider a life of crime? You will need to know how to sell stolen goods, and it will have a negative impact on your reputation, so be careful. With enough coin in hand though, you should have no trouble paying people for the skills and training you need. If stealing doesn’t sit well with you, consider checking out the treasure maps in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, they’ll lead you to riches you can sell for a fine profit.

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