Basebuilding Update Touches Down as Astroneer's Biggest Addition Yet

Construct the Astro-Base of your dreams with all-new parts, blueprints, and much more.


World-class space adventurer and indie darling Astroneer is rocketing back into the gaming forefront with a new content update centered around improving and expanding the base building experience. Appropriately named “The Basebuilding Update”, the new Astroneer patch provides a host of new features and enhancements that will give players the power to construct more efficient and aesthetically pleasing bases. It arrives just two months after the game’s last major update.

Of all the new additions and improvements, the first that will jump out at veteran players is the inclusion of movable free standing base platforms. These platforms are the foundation for your base and can now be freely moved and rotated as needed. Once you’ve perfected platform placement, you can connect them to your power grid to lock them in position. If you need to adjust placement at a later time, the platforms can be moved again if they are disconnected from all power lines.

The new fabricators are portable 3D printers that allow you to construct modules for expanding your base’s functionality or resource output. Available in three sizes, the small fabricator can travel with players and serve as a mobile construction station. This thing is perfect if you have dreams of taking your business planet-wide. The starting habitat module also gets a makeover in the Basebuilding Update.

Because you can’t have a real video game in 2018 without crates, the Basebuilding Update brings crates into the Astroneer universe. Thankfully, these crates aren’t like EA Battlefront II or PUBG crates, but rather temporary homes for new modules and platforms you create. These crates allow your new construction to be stored or moved easily prior to deployment. While the current roadmap has no plans for paid cosmetic crates, you never know when game devs might want to start buying Ferraris or extra imported designer sweaters and skinny jeans, so keep an eye out for future developments.

On top of all this, Astroneer’s power system also gets a makeover, interactions have been improved, bugs are being squashed, and more. To get the full rundown of all the changes in this monster update, check out the System Era blog post for the Basebuilding Update.

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